Surveillance Camera Specialists

ICU Security specializes in surveillance camera installation and service. Established in 1999, we have over 2000 happy customers throughout the US.

We cater to homes and businesses from small boutiques to large corporations with multiple locations. Our services include: new installations, equipment add-ons, repair or replacement of existing equipment, networking, remote viewing, access control and training.

We offer a free on-site security analysis of your property and provide you with a detailed written estimate.


The owner is the most important part of any property. Wherever the owner is things run better. Surveillance cameras can put the owner everywhere all the time. Think what benefits you would have watching all aspects of your property all the time. Knowing that people do more good and less bad when they know you are watching, you will receive the following benefits:

 Improves Customer Service

 Peace of Mind

 Deterrence of Vandalism and Break-ins

 Increased Employee Productivity

 Increased Suggestive Selling

 Reduction in Payroll / Employees

 Reduction of Liability & Fraudulent Claims

 Dramatically Lower Chance of Armed Robbery

 Elimination of Drive/Walk Offs

 Puts You in Your Business 24/7

Any of these benefits, by themselves, would pay for a surveillance system.

The ICU Security Difference

Great People

Our employees are licensed with the state, insured, and bonded for your benefit and are available 8 am – 4 pm CST, Monday – Friday.

Great Products

We take into consideration every detail of a security camera installation to find the perfect fit for your needs.

Great Service

Our job isn’t done when the system is installed. It starts! We want to help you use your system. Getting cameras installed is not what makes your business run better. It’s using your cameras; so we make sure that your system runs perfectly and that you know how to use it.

Our X-Factor

ICU Security, LLC owner Ryan Reid brings years of expertise to transform your installation into one of the most valuable tools to grow your business.

Which Is Right for You?

Do you need a standalone DVR or a Windows-managed DVR? We sell both types, and there are pros and cons for either choice. You should make an informed decision before buying a system. Let us explain the differences for you.