ICU is a surveillance camera specialty company. We can install any make or model of camera. Since there are so many makes and models of cameras out there, we will come to your location and remotely access our cameras at our office via the Internet. We will show you multiple cameras viewing the same area at our office so you can see the difference in quality and make an informed decision.

Super Budget-Stretcher Package Deal
Only $125/mo

plus tax

Take advantage of our package deal which includes:

4 High Definition Cameras

Complete Installation (Parts and Labor)

After-installation Support for 48 Months

ICU Windows Managed NVR
Only $90/mo

plus tax

Installed NVR network to laptops, smartphones, and workstations

Will Handle Up to 64 Networked IP Cameras

After-installation Support for 48 months

Geovision Cameras and Software

We specialize in Geovision because Geovision has years of accumulated digital surveillance system design experience. Geovision is so widely used, police departments across the country have good first-hand knowledge of the system.

Our techs have been trained by Geovision and many other surveillance camera suppliers. Additionally, our ICU techs build our own Windows-based managed DVRs. When you call for service, not only can you see the technician remotely controlling your DVR to help you, you might actually be talking to the builder of your system. How often can you call a company and talk with the person who built the product? Yes! That’s a game-changer!