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With over 2000 customers we're big enough to get it done right, but small enough to care.

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Why Choose ICU Security?

Your security cameras are only as good as the company that backs them. That's why over 2000 customers have chosen us over the past 20 years. We provide you with the technology, education, and customer service that your business and your home demand.

ICU Is Currently Hiring Qualified Technicians.

If you’d like to work with fun and energetic people in a family centered environment, then join our team and apply today!

Being able to watch the operations of your business from an offsite location is invaluable. But it’s not just about watching to see if people do something wrong. Of course, that could happen, and we hope it doesn’t, but the best use of a security camera system is in training. After all, if you train them to do it right, you won’t need to watch for what they are doing wrong.

Imagine being able to observe your team while they deliver your products or services in real time. You could train immediately on issues related to customer service, brand standards, safety, and management techniques. We can provide the right security camera installation and service to allow you to be tuned in whenever you want, wherever you want. Show your team you are invested in more ways than one by taking an active role on a daily basis.

Improve Customer Service

Bring Peace of Mind

Deter Vandalism and Break-ins

Increase Employee Productivity

Increase Suggestive Selling

Reduce Payroll / Employees

Reduce Liability & Fraudulent Claims

Dramatically Lower Chance of Armed Robbery

Eliminate Drive/Walk Offs

Put You in Your Business 24/7

We service and install surveillance cameras, but our main niche is helping people use their cameras to their full potential. It's not getting surveillance cameras installed that makes the business money or makes the business safer. It's using the cameras. This is where you have a true partner in the security of your business with ICU Security.

Your home really is your castle and you want to do everything you can to keep it and your family safe. As a full surveillance specialty company, we offer access control, remote recording, and home burglar alarms as well.

Our residential home security packages can include anything from the video doorbell, the SkyBell, to motion sensors throughout the residence, to a couple of different camera options. With our partnership with a remote monitoring company, we’re able to offer the best in both installation and monitoring service.

Are you concerned you’ll end up with a complicated system you won’t use?

The most important factor with ICU Security is that you will not be left all alone after installation.

In fact, that’s when our primary service begins! Many burglar alarm companies install cameras, but very few of them thoroughly help you get them on your phone, get them on your laptop, get them on your workstation, and then consistently assist you from that day forward.

Bring Peace of Mind

Deter Vandalism and Break-ins

Monitor Who is Coming and Going

Service is a Phone Call Away

Lower Monthly Home Owners Premiums*

We maximize your security camera system by making sure you stay connected, updating and maintaining your system, and keeping you up to date on new features.

*Depends on your carrier and policy.

Lacey Guth and the team at ICU Security are the answers to all of your security needs. They will come to your place of business and give you all the security options you need to protect your property, your customers and clients as well as your employees. Professionals through and through.

Steve Reynolds

9th Gear Marketing

Honest and reliable camera surveillance company.

Jeff Bradford

I recommend ICU security to all of my customers. If you have a physical location, you have a need for video surveillance - it could be the difference between closing your doors or staying in business. I have seen ICU save so many local businesses from frivolous lawsuits, stolen property, and liability claims that you would be foolish not to consider their services. Owner Ryan Reid brings several years of valuable security experience that can benefit you at an affordable price. Give them a call.

Richard Adam Lea

The bottom line is that I am very Impressed with ICU. On several occasions over the past week, they have gone above and beyond the call of duty to help us out on things that had a little to do with them.

Anonymous Customer

Property Owner

We serve over 2000 clients all over the Southeastern United States. From single locations to entire franchise portfolios, we serve all sizes and types of customers with an equal amount of respect.

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