The products are just the beginning of what we offer. Our real value is in our service.

More than just a piece of equipment on the wall, we want you to be able to access your system and use all of the features easily, on your phone, on your laptop, at home or on the run. We know we’ve done that when...

  • You are able to show your team how theft is deterred by someone seeing a camera when they first enter a building, they see the value of surveillance monitoring.
  • You’re able to call someone in your business and say “Hi” and just let them know you’re able to see them on video, they know you’re using the cameras.
  • You’re able to comment back to an employee while you watch them deliver your products and services, you’re taking full control and maximizing the scope of your security camera system.

That’s our niche, helping you to do these things and more. And that’s where we separate ourselves from the competition.

geovision video management software
  • Remote recording is a cloud service that we use with an onsite service. It allows us to record from your cameras here locally in our offices. We enroll your system to be able to appear on our control panel, on a television in essence. That way, we can view to see if you are up and running or not. We can also help you use your system from here. If you need footage moved onto a thumb drive, we’ll walk you through it. It’s a cloud service with people service.
  • If you require full, offsite monitoring, we have some sister companies that will do live monitoring and reporting (for instance, if they see a theft take place) to police, fire, or EMT.

  • Another service we make available is access control that’s integrated with your security camera system. Access control is your typical proxy card system. A lot of people in businesses who use it have one system designated specifically for their cards and another for their surveillance. We’ve been able to combine the two to save you money and make everything easier to use.

Ready to make your security monitoring system more effective and use it to its full potential? The ICU Security service pledge will make all the difference. Get in touch with us today to see how we can keep your investment safe and grow your bottom line.