The Full Potential of Security Monitoring

Unlock the full potential of security monitoring with ICU Securities. Our comprehensive approach combines cutting-edge technology, skilled analysts, and proactive strategies to safeguard your assets, mitigate risks, and provide you with invaluable peace of mind.
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Virtual Tech Support

Our ICU Custom Operating System is a Windows Based Unit which allows our in-house IT Specialists to support you in a way our competition cant even compare. Instead of you or your staff having to try to just figure it out. Our IT Specialists can remotely log in to the ICU Custom Operating System using a remote desktop application and move the mouse right in front of you. Eliminating loss of valuable time & unneeded stress for you & your staff.

Unlimited Virtural Tech Support Includes Access Management

Professional Sercurity System

Secure your investments with ICU Securities.

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ICU Security Cameras

Spot Monitors

Ever Heard the Saying: “An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure?”

At ICU Security our number one goal is always prevention for our clients. We want to keep what you value most safe and the only way that can happen is to let the bad guys know you have a WORKING camera system. Criminals get smarter everyday and it has been proven statistically that the majority of them will visit a property before they return to do whatever they have up their sleeves. Imagine the power of when a potential criminal comes to your property to look and see what you might have worth taking and instead sees an image of themselves on a large monitor, walking about. If you were a criminal would you commit a crime after seeing yourself on camera or would you decide you might need to pick another property? I think you know the answer. This is where Spot Monitors are such a POWERFUL tool for prevention. Our camera specialists can help you find the perfect placement for spot monitors to prevent crime at your property.

Access Control

ICU Security Cameras

Access Control

Access Control Combined with the Power of Cameras. Our Access Control Systems perform just like your classic systems allowing access to an area using a Key Fob or Key Card. It outperforms our competition by providing cameras that are built in to the reader, a remote app to speak to someone at the door/gate and allow access via a workstation or phone.

Reader w/ Built – In 2MP Camera and Microphone 2 – Way Talk

Recognizes identification fobs and grants access to up to 40,000 users accordingly. With the integration of the wide angle camera, the Card and Face Mode enables the reader to perform face detection together with fob verification before access can be granted. Visitors requesting entry permits can use the touch pad to be granted access. There are 3 types of notifications the operators can receive to grant access.

ASNotify Software

When the reader is connected to ASManager over the network, ASNotify generates a notification message and snapshot whenever the touch pad is activated. The operator can use ASNotify to watch live view and communicate with the surveillance site via the microphone and speaker functions.

Access Mobile App:

Similarly, the operator can launch mobile app Access to enable live view and voice communication with visitors at the door before permitting entry. After adding ASManager to Access, the operator will get an alert notification upon the trigger of the touch pad.

VoIP Calls:

When the touch pad is activated, the reader will place a call to the operator through the Internet using VoIP. The operator can then communicate with the visitor and enter the access code to open the door.

The all-in-one solution eliminates the need of installing and maintaining a separate camera in addition to the card reader and a door entry system.

1200lb Maglock w/ Request to Exit Button -OR- Push Bar Exit w/ Electric Lock 100 KeyFobs

ICU Security Cameras

Remote Recording

Need just 1 to 4 Cameras at a Neighborhood Entrance, Community Pool, Remote Business, or Vacation Home? Our Remote Recording Solution could be perfect for you! We even include a monthly email update letting your know your cameras are up and working so you dont have to. 

ICU Remote Recording

Virtual Tech Support 8-4 M-F from ICU Staffed Office Team

Includes the Following:

Remote Recording
Mobile Solar Camera Trailer

ICU Security Cameras

Mobile Solar Camera Trailer

Construction Sites, Remote Properties, Urgent Needs for Cameras but a Lack of Power? Our Mobile Solar Camera Trailer is Perfect for you! See your property instantly from your phone or workstation. Prevent materials theft and crime. Can be paired with our Bullhorns and Live After Hours Monitoring for even more protection.

ICU Security Cameras


Bullhorns offer a level of protection and crime prevention that is remarkable. Imagine you are a Property Manager at an Apartment Community and someone is trying to unload a mattress or couch at your dumpsters. From the safety of your office you can speak to the person and tell them if they leave the items you will contact the Police. Bullhorns can be paired with our Live After Hours Monitoring to keep your property safe even when you aren’t onsite.

ICU Security Cameras Bullhorns
After Hours Monitoring

ICU Security Cameras

Live After Hours Monitoring

Our Live After Hours Monitoring gives you and your facility the highest level of safety. Completely customizable to meet your unique needs. Can be used on our ICU Custom Operating Systems, mobile solar camera trailers, remote recorded cameras, & bullhorns. Monitored After Hours or During Peak Times, Service Will Contact Designated Contact or Authorities as Deemed Necessary, Live Agent will Watch Camera for Protocol Violations (example: loitering, vandalism, suspicious activity). Agent will then communicate with suspect and follow properties written preferred actions.