Own Multiple Businesses with Multiple Locations? Security is an Issue

security solutions for multiple businesses

Businesses with multiple locations such as retail or restaurant franchises, satellite offices, and warehouses require multi-site security solutions that provide centralized visibility and control, recording and playback functions, and smart analytics to meet different security needs. Business owners and managers know that it’s impossible to be everywhere at once; thus, security cameras should have remote […]

Cameras with Artificial Intelligence

Cameras with Artificial Intelligence

AI-powered security cameras help businesses safeguard their employees, premises, and property. A facial recognition software collects data on each face it detects, which is then stored in a database. Facial data can be easily accessed should unidentified individuals try to access the site. GeoVision’s GV-AI FR is a video analytic software designed to provide Face […]

Access Control with Built-in Cameras

Access Control with Built-in Cameras

Access control systems have made significant technological strides over the years. Current security cameras can now come with built-in cameras and readers. GeoVision’s GV- CS1320 is a perfect example. This access controller comes with a built-in 2MP camera and a 13.56 MHz reader. The camera recognizes identification cards and can grant access to up to […]

The Importance of Being Able to View your Cameras Remotely

Importance of Being Able to View your Cameras Remotely

A few decades ago, securing your business was just as simple as locking the door. Times have changed, however. Security threats have become increasingly sophisticated; systems have to be upgraded to keep risks at bay. According to Nashville-based security camera expert ICU Security, business owners can greatly benefit from remote video surveillance monitoring. Here are […]

Body Temperature Cameras Help Keep Everyone’s Health In Check

Body Temperature Cameras

In the fight against COVID-19, government, commercial, and industrial institutions have utilized small, high-tech allies: body temperature cameras. While body temperature cameras cannot detect the virus, they can identify elevated body temperatures. This can be an indication of a fever, which is a common COVID-19 symptom. Deployed in industrial complexes, banks, airports, hospitals, schools, train […]