Body Temperature Cameras

Body Temperature Cameras Help Keep Everyone’s Health In Check

In the fight against COVID-19, government, commercial, and industrial institutions have utilized small, high-tech allies: body temperature cameras.

While body temperature cameras cannot detect the virus, they can identify elevated body temperatures. This can be an indication of a fever, which is a common COVID-19 symptom.

Deployed in industrial complexes, banks, airports, hospitals, schools, train stations, and other critical structures across the US, body temperature cameras can scan subjects in a rapid and non-intrusive manner, and are capable of handling thousands of individuals passing through daily.

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The ENS Diamond Series Cameras

One of the most high-grade and cost-effective body temperature cameras out in the market today is the ENS Diamond Series dual spectrum cameras. These cameras are at the forefront of the battle against the pandemic because of its capabilities:

  • Speed. It would take approximately 4.2 hours – or 3 seconds per person – for a conventional forehead thermometer to measure the temperature of 5,000 people. In contrast, body temperature cameras could complete the task in 30 minutes, or 3 persons per second. This feature ensures that foot traffic at critical points is not impeded.
  • Precision. These body temperature cameras also have a high accuracy rate ±0.3℃ when used with a black body module. They also have the option of being used with special management software, AI NVRs, or a special server.
  • Efficiency. Healthcare teams are able to scan multiple persons from a distance, in a way that does not impede movement.
  • Illness prevention assistance. These body cameras can serve as an automatic early warning mechanism, saving a lot of manpower while reducing the risk of cross-infection.
  • Flexibility. ENS Diamond Series cameras cover a wide range of spaces, from narrow entrances and exits to airports and train stations.
  • Historical data storage. These cameras enable historical data backtracking and data analysis.

Use Cases

The ENS Diamond Series was installed at the employee entrance of Pecan Deluxe, a candy manufacturer in Dallas, Texas. The camera system helped identify potentially ill employees and ensure staff safety.

FreshFarms, one of the largest supermarkets in the state of Illinois, also utilized the same system to monitor temperatures of its employees and guests. The management team was impressed with the system’s accuracy.

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