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Own Multiple Businesses with Multiple Locations? Security is an Issue

Businesses with multiple locations such as retail or restaurant franchises, satellite offices, and warehouses require multi-site security solutions that provide centralized visibility and control, recording and playback functions, and smart analytics to meet different security needs.

Business owners and managers know that it’s impossible to be everywhere at once; thus, security cameras should have remote viewing capabilities. This enables them to easily monitor different locations from their camera feed anytime and anywhere from their internet-enabled mobile devices. They get peace of mind from knowing what’s happening within and outside their premises.

Based in Nashville, security camera expert ICU Security has a comprehensive video management system that meets these requirements.

Centralized visibility and control

Years ago, multi-site surveillance was a complex task involving multiple personnel and different systems operating in different locations. Integrating all these systems posed a big challenge, too.

Thankfully, technology has vastly improved since then. For businesses with multiple locations, ICU Security can install a custom networked video recorder (NVR), and can set up 64 cameras in 64 different locations. GeoVision’s GV-VMS video management system records footage and can be viewed from the custom NVR. This cuts down on security costs per site and allows business owners and managers to be everywhere they need to be.

Recording and playback

Manually collecting surveillance footage from different locations is a time-consuming task that’s no longer feasible for business franchises and multi-location businesses.

GV-VMS not only has a live view and playback layout that can easily be adjusted through an intuitive drag-and-drop function; it also has recording capabilities. Users can do a quick search of recorded surveillance footage either through a timeline search or an object search by area.

Smart analytics

GV-VMS comes with a range of intelligent video analytics for precise monitoring, doing away with the need for manual supervision. These include retail analytics (people counting/heat map), general video analytics (intrusion alarm/crowd detection/scene change detection/privacy mask/unattended and missing object detection), and advanced video analytics (face recognition).

Mobile remote viewing capabilities

The system’s built-in Webcam Server allows users to remotely access live views and recordings from anywhere, anytime using a web browser, mobile app, or Remote ViewLog.

Real-time alerts

By setting up triggers such as motion detection, users can receive text alerts on their mobile devices.

Seamless integration

Non-integrated security camera systems lead to delayed and uncoordinated responses as well as ill-informed decisions, should a security incident take place.

Compatibility with GV-CMS (GeoVision Central Monitoring Station) and interoperability with a wide selection of third party IP cameras through ONVIF, an open industry forum that facilitates how IP-based security products communicate with each other, make GV-VMS a versatile and effective surveillance solution.

If you’re a Nashville business looking to upgrade your security camera system, get in touch with one of ICU Security’s highly qualified team members today so you can witness their security camera systems in action.

Established in 1999, ICU Security is a Nashville-based security camera installation company with specialists serving communities in Brentwood, Murfreesboro, and Franklin, TN. Get in touch by calling (615) 786-0912.

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